Tips for A+ essay writing

7 steps on how to get A+ essay writing

Generally, writing an essay is a big task every student need to pass. Students can follow some specific steps to divide the paper into simpler parts. It’s very much easier to plan a successful essay when divided into different parts. There are seven of such steps to follow when writing an essay, according to Kathy Livingston’s guideline:

  1. Choose a topic: Your topic may be given to you or you may have the privilege to choose any subject that pleases you. You have to analyze the sort of essay that you want to create whenever you are given a subject. Minimize the focus of your paper if need be. But you will not have much to do if you are to choose your topic by yourself. Think about the options you have and finally choose what’s familiar and interesting to you.
  2. Write out the structure of your ideas: your ideas must be well structured if you want to write a good essay. This structure functions as the root of your project. This will make your work more organized.
  3. Create a thesis statement: your thesis statement shows your audience the focus of your paper. The thesis statement usually has two parts (one part is the subject and the other part says the aim of the project.)
  4. Create the body: the body contains more information about the subject. Every point must be written separately in different paragraphs.
  5. Write the introductory part: After you have completed your thesis, next is to write an introduction. The introduction must be related to your thesis statement that will be added to the final sentence of your introduction
  6. Write the concluding part: Three to five solid sentences are enough to close and sum up your whole essay. Just state your most important ideas and give more proofs to your thesis
  7. Do some finishing touches: Proofread your paper to check for any form error. Make sure that your paper is well structured and that all rules for the essay were observed. Make changes anywhere necessary.

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